Marginal Column

Bosch has introduced the up-to-date vehicle service technologies at own “Car Service Show”

  • The large-scale event on the Ukrainian market – the first monobrand exhibition from Bosch
  • 8 sessions on the key Bosch Automotive Aftermarket focus areas were held within the show
  • Interactive format of the exhibition. Seminars and presentations interspersed with contests and quizzes
  • 1139 persons attended “Car Service Show”, including the representatives of dealers, Bosch Auto Service Network, as well as industry experts – directors and owners of car shops and independent workshops, mechanics, diagnostics, service receptionists, managers on spare parts
  • The main prize, Fiat Fiorino Cargo, was disposed among the participants of eXtra. The representatives of Bosch Auto Service PE Balko from Myrhorod got the prize

Bosch has conducted a large-scale monobrand exhibition “Car Service Show” in Kyiv, demonstrating the latest technologies in vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as the latest developments in the field of spare parts and equipment for workshops.

From diesel to electric car

Within the day, Bosch Training Center coaches and technical specialists performed presentations on the maintenance and repair of hybrid and electric vehicles (including tools, equipment and procedures), programming of control units with help of Bosch KTS 560/590, air conditioning systems diagnostics of various types (including with new R1234 yf refrigerant), diagnosis and repair of Common Rail injectors, the procedure for headlights services on the up-to-date vehicles, cassis alignment, radar and video cameras adjustments, training and technical support for workshops, as well as roll booth at 8 demonstration stands. Bosch equipment was used within all presentations. It is available at the Ukrainian market.

A video broadcast accompanied the presentations on a large screen, located in the relax zone. A giant model of Bosch battery was installed in the same place, which, in fact, acted as a large distribution station for recharging mobile phones and other gadgets. The visitors could relax from serious topics there, immersing into the atmosphere of contests, quests and quizzes, related to the auto service issues.

Firsthand information

Bosch specialists conducted a series of seminars on Bosch products along with the presentations of vehicle service technologies. Thus, all visitors of the show could see the novelties and latest developments in the field of brake system components, filters, spark plugs, belts, car batteries, diesel injection and windscreen wiper blades.

The presentation on the filters was focused on Bosch FILTER+ range. New Bosch filters contain a special layer for neutralization of allergens, silver ions to suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria and activated carbon to neutralize harmful gases and unpleasant odours. Some items of Bosch FILTER+ range are already available in Ukraine, and the most popular car fleet brands in Ukraine will be covered in spring 2018.

Bosch specialists also told about ENV4 and ENV6. A new Bosch brake fluids provide effective operation of the most up-to-date braking systems. The leading-edge development – iDisc from Buderus Guss subsidiary company – was presented within the show as well. It is the latest braking discs with tungsten-carbide coverage from Bosch, which reduce the emission of brake dust, are rust-prone and score marks resistant in comparison with the common braking discs.

Summarizing the above

The final event stage was the drawing of Fiat Fiorino Cargo among the participants of eXtra. The representatives of Bosch Auto Service PE Balko from Myrhorod became the winner.

“We always support our partners and we are happy to gather all car experts there in order to share Bosch experience and knowledge,” Sergii Perekhozhykh, Country Sales Director of spare parts and equipment for the Automotive Aftermarket in Ukraine, has summarized the event. “The most advanced equipment and vehicle spare parts are useless without understanding of its application. That is why Bosch supports the concept “Everything from a single source”, which “Car Service Show” demonstrated successfully.