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Bosch presents new tire-service devices and related test equipment

  • Contact-free and automatic measurement of the tire width prior to balancing
  • Ergonomic tire fitting thanks to tire lift
  • Test equipment for modern automotive workshops

State-of-the-art, quick and ergonomic working: At the international Reifen 2016 fair in Essen (Germany), Bosch presents several innovations. Among others, the full-range supplier of workshop equipment presents two wheel balancers with a feature allowing contact-free measurement of the tire width. As the measurement results are displayed within seconds, the efforts for the tire specialist are reduced significantly. Furthermore, Bosch presents a tire lift relieving the load on the tire specialists' back allowing them to work ergonomically even with tire changers of the latest generation. In addition, the workshop expert Bosch also presents latest systems for vehicle diagnoses and headlight adjustment.

Bosch exhibits at the Reifen 2016 fair in detail (Hall 1, stand 1C23):

New wheel balancers

The Bosch WBE 4440 Sonar and WBE 4240 Sonar Digital tire changers are equipped with a new feature allowing contact-free measurement of the tire width. Within just six seconds, WBE 4440 automatically displays the measurement results on a 19-inch LCD screen; WBE 4240 provides the same information on a digital display. The user efforts are thus reduced. Thanks to the digital selection of the most important balancing routines via screen, the work steps are performed smoothly. A 360-degree light ring ensures enough light for attaching the balance weights. At the same time, it allows a clear view into the rim interior. Moreover, the new Bosch wheel balancers allow stopping the wheel at the optimum unbalance position. In case of WBE 4440, three different laser marks also help positioning the balance weights manually. This feature is optionally available for WBE 4240 as well.

New lift accessory for tire changers

Bosch developed the new TSL 230 tire lift particularly for tire changers of the latest generation. It allows its operator to work ergonomically at all times. The lift is installed on the right side of the tire changer, right next to the bead breaker. This position and the integrated roller bed accelerate and ease the bead-braking process thus increasing the workshop efficiency. The lift can, for instance, be installed onto the pneumatic TCE 4400 and TCE 4470 tire changers equipped with a tiltable assembly column for car tire fitting. Both of these Bosch devices are particularly suitable for tire specialists dealing with high volumes.

Diagnosis, headlights, exhaust gases: Entry-level package for tire specialists

By means of KTS 970, Bosch offers automotive workshops and tire specialists a great access to the business of professional vehicle diagnosis. The package consists of both a KTS 570 diagnostic tester and a DCU 220 tablet computer for mobile application at the workshop. This system allows performing complete ECU diagnoses. It is equipped with a dual-channel multimeter and a a dual-channel oscilloscope. The diagnostic tester and the tablet computer are connected via Bluetooth. The Esitronic workshop software guides the user through all test and diagnostic steps. The tablet computer can be controlled by its robust touch screen or via keyboard.

Conventional headlight testers are not suitable for the correct adjustment of modern xenon and LED headlight systems. Bosch thus developed the digital HTD 815 headlight tester featuring CMOS (Active Pixel Sensor) camera technology. It is able to determine the exact position of the cut-off line of all types of headlines thus allowing their correct adjustment. For the precise positioning of the light box in front of the vehicle, laser technology is used. The measurement results are displayed in real time on a 5.7-inch touch-screen display. The user is then provided with detailed adjustment instructions allowing him to adjust the headlight correctly in a very easy manner.