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Bosch offers diagnostic and repair kits for starters and alternators

  • Bosch has 100-year experience of starters and alternators production and restoration
  • Restoration is possible for more than 40 types of engine components
  • Diagnostic and repair kits are optimized for workshop use

Bosch has almost a century of experience in design and manufacture of starters and alternators, as well as in design and manufacture of diagnostic and repair equipment for these components. With the help of Bosch equipment and tools over 40 different types of starters and alternators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles can be restored, including alternators with electronic control unit. Repair and restoration of engine components takes place in plant conditions and in certified Bosch workshops.

Bosch offers an equipment kit to test the alternators (code 0 986 618 001) for car workshops. It is optimized for workshop use; it has high durability and reliability, and involves the use of standard tools available in a workshop. The kit contains an adapter, power cord, extension cord and generator connecting cables. It also contains trouble-shooting instructions within Bosch ESI[tronic] Software which allow targeting any trouble precisely and thereby reduce the cost of maintenance. The set is compatible with KTS system scanner and OBD adapter.

For starters and alternators maintenance Bosch offers two kinds of tool kits: dual-purpose kit for both starters and alternators (code 0 986 617 050) and specialized kit for starters only (code 0 986 617 060). Both kits include standard set for engine components repairing such as: instrument panel, mounting hardware, carrier sleeves, holders, as well as pullers, drive socket and presses. Workshops buy kits depending on their customers' needs and requests.