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Evolution of Bosch Wiper Blades

Eight Bosch inventions for superior wiping performance at vehicles

90 years since the invention of electric drive for windshield wiper blades Bosch reminds of eight principal innovations in this filed.

1. The first electric windshield wiper blade was developed by Bosch in 1926. It provided the clear glass only for the driver’s side. Bosch innovation not only simplified the driving, but enhanced safety as well, as windshield wiper blades became driven by pushing the button and without distracting of driver from driving process. In 1927 electric wiper blades were patented and put into manufacturing production.

2. In the late 50s of ХХ century, to improve the car aerodynamic properties, its body, including a glass, got a streamlined shape. But the wiper blade was still a flat rubber strip with the lever, attached in the middle. In this regard the problem of its performance on the curved glass became a new challenge for engineers. Conventional wiper blade with joints invented by Bosch in 1958 was a timely decision which is popular until now.

3. Further development of the automotive industry and average car speed increasing demanded improvements in wiper blades design. In 1986 Bosch developed wiper blades with a spoiler, due to which ram air presses the windshield wiper blade better and minimizes the risk of separation from glass.

4. In 1994 Bosch introduced two-component rubber TWIN for wiper blades production. The element back is made of soft synthetic rubber for smooth and noiseless sliding. The element lip is made of hard synthetic rubber, significantly reducing its wearing.

5. The end of ХХ century was marked by great variety of vehicle models. At the same time more and more variation in adapter size appeared from year to year. Now the engineers put their attention to production of universal fixing constructions (adapters). In 1999 Bosch presented to the market Quick-Clip universal adapter for various modifications of hook fixture. It is popular nowadays and used for vehicle plant configuration.

6. Bosch entered XXI century with the new invention – Aerotwin flat wiper blades (2001). The key distinctive aspect of these wiper blades is arm level pressure distribution throughout the whole wiper blade length. It allows Aerotwin to perform better cleaning and less wearing. The wiper blade consists of two spring elements, curved for windscreen, and an integrated spoiler, which enhances aerodynamics. Besides, wiper blades are made of two-component synthetic rubber with long duration of service and high quality of windshield cleaning – the most critical aspects while frequent changes of weather conditions. This remarkable Bosch innovation has enhanced absorption properties and great convenience. It is demanded in vehicle production as original equipment of new vehicles.

7-8. 2013 became the bumper year in development of Bosch wiper blades. The company presented 2 inventions at once – Jet Wiper system and Power Protection Plus technology. Bosch Jet Wiper is a built-in arm injector of windshield wiper blade and smart control system of fluid supply. Injectors are spraying the fluid on the windshield directly in front of wiper blade, with further distribution on the glass. At the same time, Jet Wiper performance is perfect apart of vehicle speed.

In the same year Bosch patented Power Protection Plus – an innovative wiper rubber technology with a patented coating for perfect wiping performance, longer service life and gentle wiper action Special truncation of cleaning edge and new two-component rubber allow eliminating the smallest particulars of dirt and water drops in one motion, preventing weeping and bleeding lines. Aerotwin flat wiper blades with PPP technology are available since 2015.

Today, Bosch is among the market leaders in windshield wiper blades manufacturing. The company’s products are compatible with all car models and meet every need of car owners. The main production facilities are located in China (Changsha), Serbia (Pećinci) and Belgium (Tienen). The plant in Belgium is the main manufacturing site which has also been serving as the center for innovation developments in the wiper blades field since 1973. Bosch wiper blades are supplied to assembly conveyers for over 30 leading car brands. More than 100 mln Bosch wiper blades are produced worldwide per year.