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Bosch FWA 9000 – new hi-tech contact-free wheel alignment unit

Fast and accurate measurement with innovative 3D technology

  • Innovative 3D technology allows to measure wheel alignment in a few seconds
  • Contact-free method of parameter measurement prevents disks and tyres from potential damage
  • The unit is equipped with Smart Align software with intuitive user interface

Bosch introduces FWA 9000, a new hi-tech contact-free wheel alignment unit. Innovative 3D technology allows to measure all 4 wheels fast, accurate and simultaneously, as well as estimates wheel alignment in a few seconds. FWA 9000 is designed for high loading workshops and does not require additional space. It can be located at vehicle acceptance area, and free space in front of it can be used for headlight beam adjusting and adaptive cruise control system.

The unit’s measurement system consists of two stereo cameras, laser beam projector and vehicle position control system. Laser projector generates 4000 dots onto the wheel and vehicle body. The image from each wheel transfers to 3D model construction with the help of two stereo cameras. 3D model processing algorithm calculates wheel alignments and their mutual bracing. All measurements exclude any physical contacts with the wheel, tyre or vehicle (such as target or hood installation). As a result the unit prevents disk and tyre damages, errors during targets or hoods installation. Fast and accurate measurements are reached simultaneously. FWA 9000 defines the vehicle movement automatically and starts initial measurements, easily managed with remote control unit.

The unit is equipped with Smart Align software with new intuitive user interface. It allows to conduct measurements in 3 versions: standard measurement, Smart Test (fast measurement of wheel alignment) and unspecified measurements (selected options display). Smart Link adapter allows to adjust the system to any wheelbase easily and fast. Wheel alignment angle values are displayed at vehicle raised position for easy and fast adjustment. And results can be compared with test values.

FWA 9000 allows to receive and process the results for all type of vehicle wheels in a few seconds. It is the most efficient type for congested stations, optimizing the time for client service and high productivity of workshops.