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New 3D wheel alignment systems with optional capabilities from Bosch

  • FWA 4630+ and FWA 4650+ are equipped with unique measuring system
  • Video camera system provides high measurement accuracy of wheel alignment
  • Stands are characterized with mobility, high performance, operability and usability
  • Stands are equipped with new modern Smart Align software

In autumn Bosch offers new 3D wheel alignment systems – FWA 4630+ and FWA 4650+. In comparison with other models of 3D stands, the new products have unique measuring system with built-in intersystem of sensor heads positioning.

The system consists of 12 video cameras, 8 of which (per 2 for each wheel) are designed for angle measurement of sprung tilting. Due to this, the high accuracy ± 2'', needed for modern vehicle maintenance, is gained. Even more 4 cameras are used in position control system to determine sensor heads position. Measuring system is self-calibrated due to video cameras system. It offers to use stand at different vehicle workshops without dimension of accuracy and necessity of certain calibration.

The key advantages of the stand are:

  • fully automatic testing procedure with Smart Test
  • new intuitive user interface
  • great repeatability of results – safety and competence when repeating measurements
  • shorter setup times as measurement panels and sensor heads can be more easily attached
  • no recalibration – rolling runout compensation without lifting the vehicle
  • high mobility thanks to WLAN
  • existing hardware can be used (PC, tablet)
  • working area in front of the vehicle cleared – use of headlight-adjustment devices and calibration sets for adjusting driver assistance systems possible
  • designed for convenience in day-to-day workshop handling down to the smallest detail

Depending on workshop demands, FWA 4630+ stands are delivered in different configuration, from minimum till Excellence packages, with additional lock pins, adapters, cables etc., as well as monitors and printers.

FWA 46ХХ + wheel alignment systems have the warranty for 2 years. In addition, till September 30, 2016 the consumers have the ability to prolong the warranty period up to 4 years under special offer .